The Ultimate Guide to Articles

How to Ace Your Content-Writing Career

Many people envy content writers who get to work from home, have their own schedules and just write as much or as little as they want. In reality, a lot of content writers find difficulty making a living, and it’s not because they don’t write as well as the others. It’s just that writing skills are not everything they need.

If you’ve always loved writing and you want to make it your career, take note that you need an entire arsenal of in-demand skills. The following are pointers that can help you develop them:

Master as many writing styles as you can.

It’s no secret – at least among writers – that each form of writing has a style all its own. Blogging is friendly and typically editorial; ad copy is snappy and persuasive; white papers are long and detail problems and solutions; news is AP style (informative with meat of story at the top; and so on. More styles mastered, more projects. It’s that simple.

Use the ideation technique.

Ideation is a marketing term that refers to the creative process of choosing a topic, title and writing perspective; and it starts with analytics. While it is often done as a team activity, anyone can do it by themselves. That’s why it helps to know how professional marketing teams come up with ideas. But just before you do that, you need to know your audience, the keywords to use, and your competition, as well as create short, attractive titles.

Study HTML, CSS, CMS, and most importantly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Stay calm. You don’t have to be a guru, but being familiar goes a long way. CMS themes often provide various automation levels, and you may just need to change some parts of the code so that your text appears as you want (for example, if you want to manipulate margins). Without a doubt, fresh SEO knowledge is critical too. Note that search engine algorithms are ever changing, and to thrive, you have to be in step.

Maintain originality.

In the end, it will boil down to your reputation, to guard it. Whatever you write with your name on it, make sure it’s original. You may that’s impossible, with so many people writing about exactly the same subjects. Guess what, it’s a lot easier that you thought. Plagiarized content is NEVER ACCEPTABLE, from your employer and worse, from you as a writer, so take precautions. Using a program that spots plagiarism can save your career in the industry. There’s so much similar content out there, and you can easily end up inadvertently duplicating writing from time to time.

Lessons Learned from Years with Content

The Ultimate Guide to Articles